December 31, 2017

new year

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Another year. The pages of my calendar keep flying past me faster and faster every single year, and while that saddens me it is also incredibly exciting.

I’m excited for the future of my business, my personal life, and those around me.

I think I “gave up” on resolutions a while ago, as I would always aim far too high or set unrealistic expectations that soon wouldn’t be met. The past few years I have treated the New Year as an open book, and something to grow with and build on. Enjoying the process along the way.

This year, I want to share some of my hopes and expectations for 2018 with you. (Possibly in hopes it’ll keep me accountable and share ideas with you as well.)



First and foremost – I want to treat myself better. My body, my mind and my soul. This year I worked harder than I ever have before, and while I’m incredibly proud of myself I also let some very important things to me slip away. My health, exercising, fresh air, time away from my computer. My mind, reading and calming it. My soul, I want to create more in 2018. I love my clients and my work dearly, and to keep that alive and fresh I need to create art regularly.

Second РThis girl needs to be more organized. I am hoping to refine my systems of business for a smoother, more manageable way of doing what I do. Any tips or tricks out there?

Third – Travel. Travel as much as I possibly can. I have quite a few people ask me how I’m able to travel as much as I do currently, and there are two answers. First, a lot of my travel is for work, what a lovely thing that is. Second, I spend my money on travel, I absolutely adore it. I rarely shop, get my hair or nails done, etc. So my spare money (and savings, ooops!) always goes to travel.

(This year: California, Costa Rica, Georgia, Virginia + New York)

Fourth – A major goal of mine for the New Year is to start shooting film and understanding the process. Clients – this will (hopefully) be a bonus for you! I recently received beautiful old film cameras from my dear grandmother who passed away and I’m eager to dive in!

Fifth – I truly want to work on myself as far as being a more compassionate and understanding human. Doing good for others, standing up for what I believe in, and supporting movements, changes, and companies that are doing good in our world.


2017 has been an amazing adventure, I’m so excited for what’s in store, and I couldn’t be more grateful for people following along with me on a business and personal level.

Here we go – 2018!

Below: A few of my favorite photographs and memories this year. 

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