January 16, 2018

Tips for a successful engagement session // part two

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A couple of years ago I shared a blog post all about some of my top tips for a completely successful engagement session. You can read it here: 

I pass that on to all my brides and clients when planning our shoots and it has been extremely helpful. Over the years I’m constantly finding new ways to better help my clients and create a perfectly smooth shoot.

I think as a photographer we sometimes forget how uncomfortable and intimidating a camera might be for someone. We are constantly shooting, behind, and in front of a camera and it becomes so second nature to us. With that said, I want to make sure I’m helping it be as wonderful and fun of an experience as possible!

Here are a few more to add to the list!


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Tip #1: 

Create a color story that you would likes to stick to within the shoot. Choose about 3 to 4 colors, all within the same type of pallet that compliment one another. From there, organize your outfits with those colors. Shoes, dress, pants, jewelry etc. This will help ensure us to produce a wonderful and cohesive finished gallery.

(See below)

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.11.41 PM

Tip #2: 

Ask questions!

About anything and everything, quite literally.

Chances are, this is your first time planning a shoot, wedding, etc, and this is my 100th? time. I’m here for you. Not sure what to wear? Email me. Can’t decide between two locations? Ask my advice. Ask me about how to pose, or what looks good on camera. I will be asking SO many questions. About you two, what you like to do for fun. What inspires you. Where you want to travel. I’ll talk your ear off, its fun. This is how we get to know each other before the big day and create a super comfortable relationship!


Tip #3: 

Come to the shoot prepared, but not too prepared. What I mean by this is:

As a photographer, we like your input and guidance on what you would like to create on this shoot. However, coming to us with a list of poses you’ve added to your Pinterest board to re-create step by step is a bit deflating as a creative.

I want to photograph the two of you as you are, not try to fit you into a mold of another couple that had different outfits, opposite location, and completely separate photographer. Let’s be authentic to you and the way you love one another!

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With all of this being said, I cannot wait to photograph your love in its beautiful, and unique way. Thank you for choosing me.



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