March 31, 2018

5 tips for a smooth wedding day

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The months of planning, trying on, tasting, and booking are here.

Your wedding day. 

After shooting weddings for 4 years now, I have seen and worked with so many calm, collected and happy brides. (lucky me, right?) However, this doesn’t just happen. This is a result of preparation and preparedness to ensure a smooth flowing wedding and a very happy, relaxed couple.

Below are my top five essential ways to make your special day that much more enjoyable and stress-free. (Happy planning!)



Tip #1: Have a detailed (very detailed) timeline

I cannot even begin to express how beneficial this is for creating a smooth wedding day. This helps on many different levels, but one I believe being most important, for all of the vendors working with you on your day. I as a photographer like to know where each and every minute of the wedding day will be spent. It allows me to move around freely while knowing constantly whats going on. This also ensures everyone else, guests, family, vendors, etc. will be on the same page. The more detailed the better!

Tip #2: Assign jobs to your bridal party

After all, they are there for you, right? 🙂 Having a maid of honor be in charge of all jewelry and details for the photographer helps beyond words. If you have a few people close to you that know what and where things need to be in order to make the day run more smoothly, delegate those tasks. Talk about them before the wedding day, this will take pressure off of you and help you to enjoy the day.

(Unless you have a wedding coordinating team, in which case you may omit this tip. 🙂 )

Tip #3: Start early 

Start earlier than you think you’ll need to, with just about everything. Somehow things can tend to run a little behind on a wedding day, so bumping up hair and makeup by 10-15 minutes or arriving to the venue half an hour earlier really can make the difference in a relaxed schedule and extra time to embrace the moments.

Tip #4: Communicate (with everyone) 

This seems so simple, but it is so incredibly important. This is YOUR wedding day. It is your creation of everything you’ve hoped for, make that known. Communicate what it is that you want from everyone in your circle – your family, friends, and especially your photographer. I want to know what exactly you are envisioning for your dream photos, and what type of locations you want. Do your research and then be clear with how you want to see it come to life. We are all here for YOU, and to make you the happiest we possibly can.

Tip #5: Sleep

Easy enough, right? No! Please get your rest in the days and week leading up to the big day. Self care and love is important every day but could not be more important for the day of your wedding. Feeling well rested, happy and energized for the fun day ahead will be so good for you!

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I hope you have the most amazing day possible, and I sincerely hope these little tips help along the way. Congratulations to you my friend!

If interested in booking me for your wedding day: drop a line below!

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