February 24, 2019

Best photography locations in Park City, Utah

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Park City, Utah Wedding Photographer

Best photography locations in Park City, Utah. Gabriella Santos Photography

What a special place this little ski town is. I have been so fortunate to grow up here and now to run a photography business in (what I think) to be one of the most beautiful places.

I always have friends and clients ask where to take their photos when they come to town, so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorites along with images from each location.

Enjoy, XO


Let’s Start off with one of the most iconic:

McPolin Farmstead (also known as, The White Barn.)

Originally an old homestead from the 1800’s, Park City purchased and preserved this gorgeous barn in 1990 for all to enjoy. This is one of my favorite places to photograph and it is absolutely stunning year round. During the holidays they decorate it with a massive wreath and red ribbons, and in the summer – a small little creek runs through the front and everything is lush and green.

This is always open to the public and doesn’t take any planning to book or hold a spot. You can just show up and enjoy the beauty!

Guardsman Pass / Empire Pass

This is one of my hands-down favorite spots for someone a little more adventurous! It is just about a 5-10 minute drive up from Main Street, and the views are phenomenal. This is closed off in the winter to snowmobile access only, so summer is typically when I shoot up here. (Also gorgeous in the fall!)

Evening light is always best here! Plan for sunset 🙂




Historic Main Street, Park City

There is nothing more adorable in my opinion, than a quaint little town. Main Street is just that and there are spots to stop and take photographs all the way up.

Usually, I will just meet somewhere in the middle and cruise around from there.

Street parking is free until 11am, and then there is paid parking all over town after that.


Rotary Park

This is a really convenient and beautiful little park. I have recently shot here in the winter and absolutely love the way the images have turned out. There is a small aspen grove as well, so it offers the feeling of being totally secluded in Nature while just right off the main 224.



Bonanza Flats

This area is just past Guardsman Pass or Empire Pass. It is one of the biggest aspen groves in North America and is absolutely ridiculous in the fall when all the leaves are changing color. (Also totally gorgeous in the summer as well!)



I hope this is useful for you + fun to read!

Park City is such a special place, and its absolutely lovely so many people can enjoy its beauty.





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