January 9, 2020

First look on your wedding day?

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This is one of my most commonly asked questions.

Future brides, family and friends, people interested in photography – everyone wants to know my personal opinion on wether or not to have a first look the day of their wedding.

I’ll answer it simply then expand below: I really don’t have a preference. This is entirely up the the couple and what is of most importance to them on their wedding day.

First Look

My couples that have chosen to do a first look base it off the following:

  • Wanting a private moment for just the two of them. No distractions.
  • Photography reasons. This is a big factor because the three of us are able to set out for a perfect location, time everything down to the second, and typically this is earlier in the wedding day – so, hair and makeup are fresh. (this is especially true in the hot summer months)
  • To calm the nerves. You’d be amazed at how peaceful this can be for the two of you. A moment to let all the build-up of nerves relax before the ceremony. My couples have told me they were able to be more present for their ceremony after doing a first look.

Traditional Ceremony First Look

Now for the traditional seeing each other at the end of the aisle moment:

I love this just as much as I love an intimate first look, its all beautiful, its all just as special, and you have to decide what is important to both of you. Typically the reason some of my couples choose to do this is:

  • The tradition. This really is as traditional and classic it can get. There are a lot of emotions from everyone and it is incredibly special.
  • Timeline doesn’t quite allow for a first look, so rather than rushing it – my couples will choose to have it be during the ceremony.

Either way you choose to do this – it will be amazing, and it will be special. It’s important to communicate your expectations and hopes clearly to one another and to your team helping your day run as smooth as possible. We are here for YOU and to make sure your wedding is flawless, special, and perfectly right for you.


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